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West Elm Floral Design Workshop

Last year we had our first collaboration with West Elm at Town Center in Virginia Beach. I called and set up a time to meet with Cindy, the associate manager who coordinates all of their events. When we sat down to chat I was so amazed by, not only how warm and un-corporate Cindy was, but by the openness of West Elm to work with and welcome local creatives. We immediately scheduled both a pop-up shop and a floral workshop and we both got busy getting the word out. The workshop filled up and we had the best group of eager-to-learn ladies and I will thrilled to see a few familiar faces. My photo pal Shannon Moffit came and took photos (along...

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Love Letters Shoot

When Shannon Moffit reached out about her idea for a romantic, feminine, floral focused shoot, I jumped on board immediately. We schemed over coffee and face-timed long-distance to plan out the perfect details. With gorgeous Silk + Willow fabric, borrowed and found antiques - along with the most incredible French love letters - the shoot was flawless. It was featured on Utterly Engaged as well as Hochzeitsguide.

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