West Elm Floral Design Workshop

Last year we had our first collaboration with West Elm at Town Center in Virginia Beach. I called and set up a time to meet with Cindy, the associate manager who coordinates all of their events. When we sat down to chat I was so amazed by, not only how warm and un-corporate Cindy was, but by the openness of West Elm to work with and welcome local creatives. We immediately scheduled both a pop-up shop and a floral workshop and we both got busy getting the word out. The workshop filled up and we had the best group of eager-to-learn ladies and I will thrilled to see a few familiar faces. My photo pal Shannon Moffit came and took photos (along with a surprise attendee, my other photo pal, Sarah Street!) and the whole thing just still makes me smile. 

The good news is: we'll be adding more flower workshops at the end of this week. We've been overwhelmed with the response (our current workshops are sold out!) and so appreciative of the sweet folks who come out! Check out our workshops here.