I've always been happiest when creating something beautiful, whether with paints, fabric or even in the kitchen. In 2003, I started a cutting garden as a creative outlet. Little did I know, that every seed would produce a plant and every plant would give me dozens of blooms to play with. I started giving away the abundance of blooms and hearing over and over again, "you should sell these!" and a new creative passion was born.

I started out with a small flower farm - which soon became a large flower farm - but creating designs with all the cut stems really had my heart. I moved from the farm, open my first floral design studio and Roost Flowers was born. 

One year later, I was offered the opportunity to move into a new shop with a cutting garden in back. Our shop is in the blossoming ViBe District at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, among dozens of other local, creative businesses. I am once again able to grow many of the flowers used in our designs in both the shop garden and a home garden. We share the garden space with the restaurants in our building (Esoteric and Commune) who each also grow herbs, fruit and veggies to use in their kitchens.

If someone had told me 12 years ago when I started my adventures in flowers that I could have a little retail shop & floral design studio right at the oceanfront with a cutting garden, I never would have believed it...but I'm loving every minute of it. For more info about our little shop, click here.